OLIVER (Oliver D'Auria - Legnano 1979) was born and began drawing as much as breathing.
In 2001, under the pseudonym of ABBOMINEVOLE, he was one of the protagonists of the first wave of Milanese and European "street art", an activity that led him to exhibit in galleries, museums and art fairs scattered throughout Italy. On his own and in collaboration with OZMO.
In 2007 he created PRIVAT PARTY (together with Fausto Sinesi), a project for the production and artistic promotion of nocturnal events that highlight international electronic music. This path will lead him to found the DUDE CLUB in 2010, a project that will characterize the Milanese entertainment scene until 2019.
Today he is resident artist of the cultural association SAM - Sampling Moods in via Mecenate 84 where he creates and paints his visions by reworking the space with site specific installations.
His name also represents a custom clothing brand that exclusively involves the creation of unique pieces to wear.
Always attentive to the analysis of human emotions, he is constantly aimed at researching and creating images that represent them, through a metaphysical and surreal controlled chaos.
“I was born on November 2, 1979. A special day in which we commemorate those we loved and who are no longer there, from a painter father and an architect mother.
I have always seen and drawn my personal ghosts telling stories of invisible presences to most, but well present in my memory.
drawings / paintings
I mix styles, techniques; I love to draw with ink, but also to imagine spaces through color and acrylic on canvas and paper.
I imagined cities without borders and the people who lived in them, I portrayed beautiful women and voiceless monsters, investigated mythological history and our contemporary time.
I grew up with Twin Peaks on Italy 1 and the darkness that permeated Lynch's visions could not leave me indifferent: this is one of the roots of my visions.
human beings
Human beings upset by everyday life who yearn for an impossible peace.
Timeless wasters who enjoy life laughing out loud, celebrate folk songs making them eternal and sacred.
My paintings dance like people in an old dance hall, to the frenzied rhythm of tribal music; they sing as one sings during a ritual, in an emotional trance.
My Wonderland is a place where through lines and colors everything becomes possible.
My aesthetic is universal, timeless pearls that float in the air like soap bubbles, light.
memories remain
I engrave characters that will remain in memory forever.”
- - - - -
[…] Starting from the experiences lived in the context of street culture, Oliver's graphic language then developed in the direction of a figuration capable of mixing visual styles and linguistic codes, sometimes even antithetical. At the center of his research there is always man, divided between ancient myths and contemporary vanities and, therefore, in constant research and transformation.
(text by Ivan Quaroni - Laboratorio Italia - new trends in painting - Ed. Johan & Levi - 2008)
- ARTEIMPROPRIA (galleria meravigli, Milano, a cura di Maurizio Cocchi Pontalti) - 11/2003
- NOW UNDERGROUND (stazione centrale di milano, binario 21, a cura di Cecilia Nesbitt) - 05/2004
- ASSAB ONE 2004 (ex stabilimento GEA, via ASSAB, milano, a cura di Roberto Pinto) - 05/2004
- THE BLACK ALBUM (Antonio Colombo arte contemporanea, milano, a cura di Luca Beatrice) - 06/2004
- QUESTI FANTASMI (galleria 1000eventi, milano, a cura di massimo Kaufman) - 09/2004
- URBAN EDGE SHOW (spazio P4, via Pestalozzi, Milano) - 03/2005
- OZMO+ABBOMINEVOLE (Astuni galleria, piazza del duomo, Pietrasanta, Lucca a cura di gianni Romano) - 05/2005
- PRESENT FUTURE (ARTissima 12, torino, a cura di P. Charpenel, E. Dexter, M. Gioni, H. Munder, R. Steiner) - 11/2005
- OLIVER D'AURIA - MINIMAL PAINTINGS (galleria 1000eventi, milano) - 09/2006
- ABBO+ FALKO=RAUS (Biokip gallery, milano) - 11/2006
- STREET ART SWEET ART (PAC, padiglione d'arte contemporanea, Milano, a cura di Alessandro Riva) - 03/2007
- IT’S A FAMILY LIES GATHERING (Avantgarden gallery, milano) - 04/2007
- JUNKBUILDING (Triennale Bovisa, Milano, a cura di Davide Giannella e Maria Chiara Piccioli) - 05/2008                                - DUDE CLUB PROPHECIES: GIANNI LUDICO OVERLOAD (Dude Club, Milano) 04/2016                                                        - REMEMBER TO REACT (Sampling Moods, milano) 10/2018                                                                                                      - THE DANCE OF SAM (Sampling Moods, milano) 12/2019
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